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TFML in the USA : 76th APS DFD Annual Meeting, Washington DC

Dr. Jibu Tom Jose presented our work titled "Experimental examination of shock wave phenomena in ducts with abrupt area expansions" at the 76th Annual meeting of Division of Fluid Dynamics of American Physical Society, held at Washington DC from 19-21 November 2023.

Due to the security situation in Israel, Yoav Gichon (the original speaker) and Prof. Omri Ram were unable to attend the APS conference.

Although presented by Dr. Jose, the experiments and analysis were mostly performed by our PhD student, Yoav with the assistance of Dr. Jose and Dr. Evron, in the TFML Shocktube Facility, using high-speed Schlieren Imaging.

Dr. Jibu Tom Jose also presented the work titled "On the turbulence characteristics of axisymmetric pipe flow across varying cross section: and experimental investigation" at the 76th APS DFD Annual Meeting at Washington DC from 19-21 November 2023.

The presentation was based on the reults of experiments performed by Gal Friedmann, Dvir Feld and Jibu Jose in the TFML round channel facility, using high-speed tomo-PIV and high resolution stereo-PIV.


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